Electronic Milk Tester

Electronic Milk Tester has been adopted as an essential instrument for measurement of milk fat. Percentage of fat content is displayed quickly and accurately on a digital readout. Several thousand small/large Dairies and Village Milk Collection Centers are being benefited with its use.

Working Principle :

Electronic Milk Tester works on the principle of photometric measurement of light scattered by the fat globules present in the milk sample. The measuring procedure follows the conventional system of dilution, mixing, homogenization and photometric measurement.

Salient Features :

  • Auto zero facility
  • Quick and Instant read-out
  • Easy to read digital LED display
  • Runs on mains or battery
  • Measures upto 13% fat
  • Accepts small sample volume
  • Performs 120-150 tests per hour
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Close correlation to accepted standard methods
  • Automatic switch-over to battery in case of power failure
  • Cheapest method of milk testing

Technical Specifications :

Performance Data Installation Requirements
Measuring range 0-13% fat Power Supply AC: 220-24OV (Max + 10%, Min - 15%) DC: 12V, 6A (Max 16 V; Min 10.5V) A fully-charged 120 AH battery will last for at least 10 hours of operation.
Capacity 120-150 samples/hour Ambient temperature 5-45 0C
Accuracy (Sd) 0.06% for 0-5% fat
0.10% for 5-8% fat
0.20% for 8-13% fat
Dimensions (HxWxD) 23x31x53 cm
Repeatability (Sd) 0.03% for 0-5% fat
0.04% for 5-8% fat
0.08% for 8-13% fat
Space requirement 60x80 cm
Sample volume 0.5 ml/test Weight (without diluent) 16 kg.
Diluent volume 6.5 ml/test