Mobile Jammer

The mobile phone jammer is an important tool today in lots of places like Schools, Colleges, Office, Library, Seminar Hall and Factories where the mobile phone has become a nuisance because of its regular ringing and loss of productive time.

The mobile phone jammer essentially cuts off the communication between the mobile handset and the mobile tower, thus the mobile phone shows “no network'' even though the network is strong.

The mobile phone jammer jams all frequencies in India, namely CDMA 800; GSM 900; GSM 1800 and newly launched 3G frequency. It is available for different coverage areas depending on the area to be jammed

Model No. BT 701

    1. External Antenna for higher range
    2. Covers the 3G frequency
    3. This has a remote control for switching on-off the jammer.
    4. L 210 x W 50 x T 170 mm 8W ( 2W per Band)