Online Learning Management / Online Classes

Biyani technologies Online learning Management provides an abundance of opportunities, virtual classroom enables students to access quality learning. Online classes provides a platform where teachers can easily Teach,conduct classes and share notes with students .Students can be busy in their own routine and can have revision at Home.

Colleges /Schools can save themselves from Academic Loss of students in lockdown /emergency situations. Online clone watches classes also can initiate cost effective learning. Biyani Technologies Online classes application also known as Learning Resource Application is combined with self-study platforms where Assigngments ,Homeworks are easily shared with

students ,there is an effective communtication between teachers and students. Learning Management system allows for instant feedback, direct teacher-student interaction, and engaging activities to increase motivation and active participation. Students can access the eLearning material and take classes from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

FEATURES Of Online Classes

Benefits to Schools/Colleges

  • Enable online platform for students and teachers to connect to each other
  • Refer the content at home and revise it in future
  • Reduces the academic loss of students in lockdown/emergengy situations
  • Institute can create their own contents
  • Helps in branding of school
  • Be the first to implement

Benefits to Parents /Students

  • Keep the children busy in their routine
  • Make learning fun filled activity
  • Stay connected with students in lockdown/emergency situations
  • Get daily assignments /Homeworks updates
  • One to one communication with teacher /Principal