Short Message System (Bulk SMS)

It is an user friendly application used to send bulk SMS or individual SMS to students, Parents, Customers, etc. Is useful for Educational Institutes, Industries, Offices to send group and customized SMS related to Internal Meetings Notification, Daily/Monthly Attendance Information Bus Picking notification, Bus Late, In/Out Time Information, Student Subject/Exam Result Information, Student Fee Paid/Fee Pending Notification, Parents meeting invitation, Birthday Wish, Anniversary Wish etc...


  • Our SMS portal is highly user friendly application used to send copy bulk SMS or individual SMS to Students, Parents, Customers etc.
  • Data can be directly imported from excel sheet into the software.
  • At a same time messages can be send to more than 10000 mobile number at one click
  • Readymade template available
  • SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports
  • Fast, reliable and low budget process for omega sending bulk SMS
  • Data is kept confidential unless like free/cheap SMS sending websites where data of students mobile numbers are been sold to other schools for commercial benefit

"100% guarantee of SMS been delivered."