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Interactive White Board

Smart Class solution consists of Hardware, Software and Digital tools for Teaching and Learning using technology. It consists of different setups customized as per client requirements, budget and infrastructure.

Components for Smart Class using an IWB:

Interactive White Board

Projector (Short OR Long Throw)

Computer OR Laptop


Benefits to Teachers, Students & Institutes

  • Teachers can use Video, Pictures, Images while teaching any complex topic
  • Teachers can record Lecturer, Create e-Contents Online.
  • Students who are absent can listen to the recorded lessons.
  • Videos and Pictures makes concepts long lasting in students memory
  • Interactive Learning makes classroom more enjoyable.
  • Get Notes and recordings on Email for self revision
  • Implementation of ICT (Information Communication Technology) as per new NEP guidelines
  • Improves NAAC/NBA Grades
  • Continue the classes during lockdown


An Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) / Smart board, is a white interactive display board with optical Sensors and Internet. You can write, edit, delete, save and insert content through finger touch or Special device called Stylus.